'Leaked MI6 Phone Calls' Released By Hacking Group TeamPoison

'Leaked MI6 Phone Calls' Released By Hacking Group TeamPoison

A hacking group has released the audio of what it says is a phone call between its leader and MI6 officers discussing attacks directed against its phone networks.

The group, TeamPoison ('TeaMp0isoN'), said they targeted counter-terrorism officers at MI6 with a barrage of phone calls for a period of 24 hours, which meant nobody else could get through.

It said the attacks were motivated by the recent decision at the European Court of Human Rights that said Babar Ahmad, Adel Abdel and other suspected terrorists could be extradited to the United States.

In effect the so-called 'phone bomb' was a denial-of-service (DoS) attack - but targeting phones instead of websites.

"You are blocking these lines," said what the group claimed was an MI6 officer. "People cannot get through when you’re constantly coming through here with your fun calls."

Trick said the hack was made using relatively simple equipment. "The script is based on the Asterisk software and uses a SIP protocol to phone,” TriCk, the group's leader, told SofPedia. "Everytime they picked up the phone the server would play a robot voice which said ‘teamp0ison’."

Trick also released what he claimed was the audio of the moment called the number and spoke to MI6 officers personally:

"My name is Trick, I'm from TeamPoison, my name is Robert West," he said on the call.

The officers on the other line asked him to confirm his date of birth, to the sounds of laughter in the background, and then asked him if he received any nice presents on his birthday.

"I got some terrorism for you here," Trick said, at which the officers asked him where he was. "I'm in the UK," Trick replied. "I don't brush my teeth, I like tea, I'm from the UK."

"What's your actual philosophy?" asked the official. "I'm not actually familiar with it."

"Our philosophy is pretty simple, it's knowledge is power," said the hacker. "And, uh, f**k the po-lice."

"Yeah…" replied the unimpressed official.

The call was quickly terminated and the information about the call was reportedly passed to the FBI.

The group also released audio of a phone call between MI6 officials discussing the phone attack:

It was not possible for the Huffington Post UK to independently confirm the veracity of the calls.

On Twitter the group celebrated its success:


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