Samantha Brick: 'I Know I'm Beautiful Because My Daddy Told Me So' (PICTURES)

Samantha Brick: 'I Know I'm Beautiful Because My Daddy Told Me So' (PICTURES)

She’s been slammed as arrogant, deluded and quite frankly off her head, but Samantha Brick has come out fighting yet again.

The blonde Brummie found herself at the centre of a media storm last week after writing a piece in the Daily Mail where she described the hostility and negativity she encountered from women apparently jealous of her good looks.

Today the Brick is back, and she has revealed just why she has such incredible confidence in herself.

She writes: “The answer is simple: my beloved father, Patrick Brick. Ever since the day I came into this world, my dad, a retired nurse, has showered me with love and affection.

“His love has been the key to my being able to love myself.”

The 41-year-old revealed she turned to her father for advice and comfort after the enormous backlash, to which Mr Brick assured his daughter that those lambasting her were “very sad people with very shallow lives.”

Scroll down for slideshow images of Samantha Brick on This Morning and shots of the journalist at home with her husband

Samantha Brick maintained she had no regrets during her appearance on This Morning

“Treat them with the contempt they deserve,” he advised.

She adds: "Unashamedly, I am a daddy’s girl, utterly confident in my father’s love. For as long as I can remember, I got birthday cards from him addressed to ‘my No 1 girl’. While he was probably referring to the fact I was his eldest daughter (he has five) I interpreted it as meaning I was No 1 in his life."

Fury at Brick's claims her life had been blighted by her beauty exploded on Twitter and Facebook and she stoked the flames even further with an unrepentant appearance on This Morning.

She told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford: "Women have fallen into two camps. They've either gone: 'You're off your head, you're a nutter, what are you on about, you're really arrogant', or they've said to me 'You've reiterated the story of my life, thank you, It's really difficult when you are perceived as being attractive, other women do not like it'.

"Women are not nice to each other. They always stab each other in the back. In my experience anyway."

Brick's previous work includes 'Why my husband says he'll divorce me if I get fat', 'I'll always be that fat girl', 'I married a man-child', 'How to survive as a French wife', 'Yes, French women DO get fat' is used to stirring up controversy.


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