Ken Livingstone's Team Reject Claims His Party Broadcast Featured Actors

Ken Livingstone's Mayoral campaign team have released a video featuring some of those who featured in an earlier election broadcast, after accusations that some of them were actors.

The "Come On Ken" video, which became a viral hit earlier this week because of some of the rather sterotypical portrayals of "real Londoners", was criticised amid claims that some of those appearing in it were party activists.

Ken Livingstone was seen to be wiping away tears on Wednesday of last week at his campaign's official manifesto launch in Greenwich, south-east London, after the video was shown.

But The Daily Mail has alleged that Ken Livingstone's blubbing was in fact "crocodile tears", because he'd seen the advert the night before.

On Saturday, amid accusations in the Mail that those in the original video had been fed scripts and were party activists, the Ken team published a new video, with some of those alleged activists insisting they were not.

In the video (above), those featured in the video explain why they're backing Ken and why they agreed to appear in his video.

London goes to the polls on May the 3rd to chose the city's next mayor, who controls massive transport and policing budgets. The centrepiece of Ken Livingstone's campaign to return to city hall is a 7% cut on transport fares, which he claims will save Londoners over £1,000 over the course of his four-year term.

Ken continues to trail Boris in the opinion polls by between four and six points - but Labour point out that he was much further behind his Tory rival earlier in the campaign. Labour believe that Boris' lead over Ken has halved in the past fortnight.