london mayoral election

Here's how massively popular YouTubers, Count Binface and the guy who drinks his own urine are doing.
Boris Johnson has “absolutely no intention of legalising cannabis” because “illicit drugs destroy lives”, Downing Street says.
With all of the new challenges online voting presents, it would equally open up a whole realm of opportunity. Opportunity to resign issues like 'accidentally spoilt ballots' to the dustbin, and opportunity to enable a more accessible method of voting for Londoners with disabilities and vision-impairments, as well as the city's youth and long-hour workers.
The election of Sadiq Khan is a breath of fresh air in a political system plagued by neoliberal orthodoxy and corruption through private interests. While not the ideal candidate to nail down London as the land of Corbyn, his win, for the left, was certainly a triumph - of sorts.
It might seem foolish to talk about a football competition and a democratic election as if they were comparable. Maybe I've extrapolated a certain mawkish sentimentality from the simple facts. Maybe. But if they only other option is certainty of failure, I'll take possibility of the improbable, thanks.
'Dear fellow really, really angry person..'
After being roundly trounced in the London mayoral elections, Britain First quickly set about making excuses for their abysmal
Londoners should rejoice that the immigrant bus driver's son from Tooting refuses to be an 'invisible Muslim'. Above all, they should be immensely relieved that City Hall is finally occupied by a mayor that has walked in the shoes of the majority of the population. That kind of insight is the sort of string to one's bow that no amount of inherited wealth can buy.
Just hours after he was voted in as Mayor of London...
Labour can only win elections if it reaches beyond its own activists, Sadiq Khan has said in a clear message to party leader