Britain First's Terrible London Election Results Celebrated By Paul Golding And Jayda Fransen

At least they're staying positive.

Credit where credit is due, Britain First is pretty decent at putting a positive spin on disaster.

As the results of the London Mayoral elections come in it is becoming clear the far-right group has fallen far short of their objective of getting deputy leader Jayda Fransen elected to the GLA.

Previously, leader Paul Golding had said they would need around 5% of the vote, to "send shockwaves through the political establishment".

Paul Golding in a video released on Thursday
Paul Golding in a video released on Thursday

The live results so far indicate Britain First are floundering at 1% - the same as the Christian Peoples Alliance, the Animal Welfare Party and fellow xenophobes, the BNP.

Undeterred, the group took to Facebook to reassure their followers.

Britain First took preemptive action as early as yesterday afternoon when they realised their crushing defeat was imminent.

A video featured Golding which said: "You gotta understand that the demographics of London have changed so radically. All of the British people have moved out.

"Immigrants and Muslims have all moved in. Whole swathes of the city now are completely colonised. And if you look at places like East London now they are all mini Sharia states.

"British people, native British people are now a minority in London, that’s how far the process has gone.

"Because of that we don’t know what our votes going to be, we’re hoping for a decent vote but we think it will be very, very unlikely we will win a seat in the London assembly.

"All I would say is rein in your expectations, we think it’s very unlikely that we’ll actually win a seat this first time around."

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