06/05/2016 17:13 BST

Bye Bye Boris: A Farewell To Boris Johnson, London's Funniest Mayor

All of BoJo's best bits, all in one place.

With a new mayor incoming, Londoners are sadly saying goodbye to a scruffy-haired source of regular laughter who kept us giggling with his clumsiness, grandiloquence and exuberance.

Boris Johnson has given us some truly excellent chuckles over the years, so here's a farewell reminder of some of his best moments.

"Wiff Waff is coming home!"

Speaking at the Beijing Olympics, Boris gave a rather impassioned speech about ping pong and it had the entire world rolling around with laughter.

When he got stuck on a zipline

At an event for the Olympics at Victoria Park, our graceful mayor ended up stuck on a zipwire brandishing two plastic flags, adorned with a silly helmet and a particularly unflattering harness hoisting up his crotch.

When he tackled a small child

BoJo was in Japan trying to drum up some positive interest in London when he decided it would be a good idea to thump a small child while his full body weight. Not quite as vicious as his spear tackle during the celebrity England-Germany football match, but that was before his time as mayor.

When he tripped a small child during a friendly game of footie

Not the most sportsmanlike chap, is he?

When he got flipped off by a cyclist

While opening a new cycle superhighway, one of his fellow cyclists wasn't exactly thrilled to see the mayor riding the other way.

Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images

When he totally failed at playing guitar

It was all about promoting London's buskers, but nobody had briefed him on how a capo works.

His dancing at the London Olympics

Typical dad at a disco.

The brick speech

It certainly livened up the Tory conference that year...

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