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Zac Goldsmith's racist campaign was roundly rejected by Londoners - Shaun Bailey's outrageous slurs mean the city has a clear choice in 2020
While Labour’s solution is to strong arm landlords with artificial rent caps, I believe we need to shout loud and proud the Conservative solutions
Sadiq Khan's housing policies are set up to fail, so it is not surprising that since his election in May he has been seeking every excuse under the sun for why he may not deliver in this area. His latest effort, despite a worrying lack of evidence, is to blame Brexit.
It is essential that the Mayor delivers on his promise to clean up London's air and that the national Government backs him. While London has the worst air pollution, this is a national problem which requires a national solution.
With all of the new challenges online voting presents, it would equally open up a whole realm of opportunity. Opportunity to resign issues like 'accidentally spoilt ballots' to the dustbin, and opportunity to enable a more accessible method of voting for Londoners with disabilities and vision-impairments, as well as the city's youth and long-hour workers.
The seas of politics are stormy and any boat, however well positioned, may find itself sunk by unexpected squalls. Nonetheless, if you are passing a bookie in the next day or two and fancy a flutter on the identity of the next Labour Prime Minister, Sadiq Khan is a name you should keep in mind.
David Dean says 'I'm not a racist'
A former Tory candidate has been suspended from the party after allegedly claiming Sadiq Khan would treat “white” people
Islamophobia is a problem in Europe certainly, but Trump's reckless hatred and stupidity is just as worrying for most Europeans. Trump may have retreated from his policy, but it is already set in stone; if the people of America elect Trump this November, they will be the nervously laughing stock of the world.