Who To Vote For In The 2016 Local Elections, London Mayoral Election And Scottish Elections

Know the candidates and manifestos before you got to the polling station.

Thursday May 5th marks a series of elections across the UK - including a vote for 124 councils in England and the Mayor of London.

Voters in devolved areas can vote for candidates in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Assembly, while there are also elections for police and crime commissioners.

<strong>Thursday May 5th marks a series of elections across the UK</strong>
Thursday May 5th marks a series of elections across the UK
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Who to vote for as London Mayor?

There are 12 candidates for the London Mayoral election. In alphabetical order by surname they are:

  • Sian Berry - Green Party

  • David Furness - British National Party

  • George Galloway - Respect

  • Paul Golding - Britain First

  • Zac Goldsmith - Conservative

  • Lee Eli Harris - Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

  • Sadiq Khan - Labour

  • Ankit Love - One Love Party

  • Caroline Pidgeon - Liberal Democrats

  • Sophie Walker - Women's Equality Party

  • Peter Whittle - UK Independence Party

  • Prince Zylinski - Independent

You can view the mini-manifestos for candidates who have submitted them on the London Elects website.

Who to vote for in the local elections?

This helpful tool from Democratic Dashboard lets you find out which elections you can vote in, based on your postcode or town, and information to help you decide who to vote for.

It will reveal information on your constituency, who your current representatives are, who is running, past results, and a profile of the area.