Two more reasons for people in New York to go out: Paul Rudd and free cookies.
The Oscar-winning actor wants to make it clear who has her vote in 2020.
Former ministers break ranks to say they would back Marcus Rashford campaign.
The survey showed over four in ten people in the most deprived regions felt they were not getting a fair share of national resources.
“During a year with a massive unprecedented death toll, suffering and unrest, this post ain’t it," one disappointed fan wrote in response to the actor.
The president has also repeatedly spread misinformation seeking to delegitimise mail-in voting.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a brief cameo during the reveal for Time's 100 Most Influential People.
The president claimed that after a week of counting postal votes an unidentified “they” would be “taking them and hiding them.”
New transparency rules follow concern UK democracy open to “anonymous ‘dark ads’, dodgy donors, and foreign interference".