london mayoral election

It's very encouraging that Sadiq Khan has committed to establishing an 'economic fairness' team in City Hall, which will promote the living wage and access to good quality apprenticeships, while also encouraging positive business behaviour. But economic fairness also means ensuring that the huge wealth of London is used in an equitable way to reduce poverty and support long-term, sustainable opportunities for everyone living and working here.
Kinda loses it's impact when you've basically come last.
Read more on The Huffington Post Khan has faced far worse, namely from his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith. During the campaign
Jemima Khan is not happy with his attacks on Sadiq.
And even Goldsmith's own sister... The Good During the campaign, Khan told the HuffPost UK he felt his rival’s negative campaign
What must have been an already tough day for Zac Goldsmith took an even more personal turn this evening when his own sister
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