#VoteConservative Tory Mayoral Twitter Campaign Backfires

Trending for all the wrong reasons.

David Cameron's attempt to rally people behind the Conservative candidate for London Mayor has turned into a PR disaster.

The #VoteConservative hashtag was quickly pounced upon as an opportunity to say exactly why you shouldn't back Zac Goldsmith at the polls.

In fact, by Thursday afternoon the volume of anti-Tory tweets meant the top news stories associated with the hashtag were all along the lines of this...

Not quite what the PM had in mind.

There were a few people however who were actually turned by the torrent of animosity.

And to be fair, some people did take it a bit far.

But mostly it was more along the lines of this.

Later in the day Cameron tweeted a picture of himself and wife Samantha.

The response was erm... predictable.

The PR fail has not been the only disaster this polling day.

A London council has been forced to introduce an “emergency” voting procedure after widespread problems affected scores of residents on Thursday.

Reports of disruption in Barnet, north London came just after 8am as people attending polling stations found their names weren’t on official lists.

Barnet Council has issued an “emergency proxy vote” for affected residents who can nominate a person to vote on their behalf by 5pm. The nominee will then be able to cast a ballot on their behalf anytime before polls close at 10pm.

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