22/04/2016 16:03 BST | Updated 22/04/2016 16:22 BST

Britain First Used Paul Golding's Mother In Its London Mayor Video

Desperate times...

Paul Golding's campaign to become Mayor of London has so far failed to get off the ground, with polls suggesting genuine Britain First supporters in the capital are few and far between.

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So few in fact that when Britain First needed some soundbites for its party political broadcast, it appears Golding was forced to use his own mum.

About halfway through the video, broadcast on the BBC and ITV on Wednesday night, a woman at a bus stop explains why she'll be voting for the far-right group.

Britain First
A screengrab from the Britain First political broadcast shown on ITV and BBC which appears to show Paul Golding's own mum.

The woman says: "I'm voting Britain First. It's time we put British people before migrants and take our country back."

The woman bears an uncanny resemblance to Golding's own mother, Christine.

An image from Christine Golding Smith's Facebook page

This picture is from the Facebook page of Christine Golding Smith.

Further evidence for her identity comes from a news article from 2002, which describes Christine Golding, the mother of then-BNP officer, Paul Golding, being "served with a notice of eviction from her home in Slade Green over anti-social behaviour".

Slades Green is also the area listed as Christine's address on her Facebook page.

An screengrab taken from Christine Golding Smith's Facebook page

The video itself was widely ridiculed when it aired on Wednesday night, and derogatory comments on the Britain First Facebook page were swiftly deleted.

The party also once again exploited the memory of Lee Rigby, despite repeated calls from his family for Britain First not to politicise his death.

There were quite a few other things wrong with it too. Let’s have a look...