Grace Dent Shows How To Deal With A Twitter Troll (PICTURES)

Grace Dent Shows The World How To Deal With A Twitter Troll

Author and journalist Grace Dent got her own back on a Twitter troll on Sunday - by pointing out he worked at a PR firm she used and asking just how much he enjoyed his job.

Mufadal Jiwaji, who works at Hill and Knowlton, tweeted that Dent reminded him of "a girlfriend I once had. By girlfriend I mean that time I accidentally made love to an ugly abhorrent horse" after her appearance on the BBC's Have I Got News For You?

But after the author questioned him, saying: "I'm wondering, as a public relations person for a firm I work with, what your thinking was in sending me this message?"

She added: "You'll bear the brunt of your idiocy at 10am tomorrow morning when you're unemployed. Good luck."

Jiwaji apologised, tweeting: "Unreservedly withdraw my vulgar and puerile comment regarding@gracedent, especially in light of the bbc doc on internet trolls last week."

The PR professional added:

The exchange caused their own Twitter storm, with many sticking criticising Dent for threatening his job.

Here in the Huff Post UK office, we're not sure it's deserved - personal abuse can never be justified.

His company said in a statement: "We're obviously aware of the comments and we're dealing with it. It's obviously being taken seriously and we're looking into it."


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