20/04/2012 06:27 BST

Brian Paddick: 'Cyclists Are Dying Because Of Boris Johnson'

Cyclists are being killed on the streets of London as a direct result of Boris Johnson's transport policies, Lib Dem mayoral candidate Brian Paddick has claimed.

Speaking during the Sky News mayoral debate on Thursday evening, Paddick said the Mayor had prioritised speed and traffic flow over the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. "Boris Johnson's policy is killing cyclists," he said.

The former Met police officer highlighted a particular junction in the Kings Cross area of the capital which was especially dangerous for cyclists.

He said Transport for London had ignored requests for it to be redesigned.

Johnson was also attacked by Labour candidate Ken Livingstone, who said that the Mayor's decision to downgrade the priority of cycle safety had led to deaths.

"Your office instructed TfL to remove the cycling safety measures within a month two cyclist were killed and when the police investigation is over your office may be subject to a corporate manslaughter charge," he said.

He added: "You have done nothing for cyclists."

And angry Johnson branded the attack as "absolutely outrageous" as Livingstone "can't ride a bike" and was also "standing on a platform to cut investment".