25/04/2012 09:46 BST

Paris Driver Confuses Metro Entrance For Underground Parking (PICTURES)

Driving in the city can be horribly confusing for those unfamiliar with its layout. However, one driver in the French capital took confusion to another level when he got his car wedged in an entrance to the Paris Metro.

The driver, identified only as Johan, apparently mistook the pedestrian entrance to the French underground system for an entrance ramp to underground parking.

"There's a sign saying 'Hausmann Parking' right in front... I made a mistake," Johan told AFP.

Fortunately for Johan, neither he nor any other people were hurt in the accident, as he was able to pull the brakes on the car before it went down the steps.

The car, a Dacia Duster, was retrieved unharmed. Johan was issued an alcohol test by the local Gendarmerie, which he passed.

Apparently, Johan isn't the first to make the mistake, as a member of staff from a nearby restaurant said that a similar incident happened roughly five years before, in which another car mistakenly tried to enter the Chaussee d'Antin-La Fayette station.