The Pirate Bay: British ISPs Ordered To Block File-Sharing Website

Pirate Bay To Be Blocked

Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay will be blocked in the UK, following a High Court ruling on Monday.

The website, which allows users to share films, music, games and TV shows for free, will be cordoned off by internet service providers (ISPs) including Sky, Virgin Media and O2, restricting UK users' access to the website.

The website itself hosts no illegal files, instead acting as a conduit for users to share files amongst each other.

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The site was prohibited after an attempt by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) to voluntarily block the site. ISPs refused to do so without a court order.

The BPI's chief executive Geoff Taylor said that: "The High Court has confirmed that The Pirate Bay infringes copyright on a massive scale."

Taylor went on to claim, "sites like The Pirate Bay destroy jobs in the UK and undermine investment in new British artists."


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