David Harewood, Homeland Actor, Stars In Labour Party Broadcast (VIDEO)

WATCH: Homeland Star Gives Labour Campaign A Boost

With only days to go until the local and mayoral elections, the Labour Party has enlisted some Hollywood talent in an attempt to push voters into the polling booth.

David Harewood, who plays CIA deputy director David Estes in the hit US drama Homeland, fronts Labour's latest election video due to be broadcast on Monday night.

In the somewhat dark and sombre video, Harewood wanders Birmingham warning viewers that the Conservative Party is "hell bent on destroying the National Health Service" with reforms that "only David Cameron and a couple of his mates actually want".

"If Labour were in power they would protect, not destroy, the National Health Service," he says.

It's only at the end of the video that Ed Miliband pops up to deliver a message personally, reminding voters that they don't actually get to vote for a CIA spy for councillor.


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