01/05/2012 06:53 BST | Updated 01/07/2012 06:12 BST

Photographer Nick Stern Recreates Banksy Classics Using Real Life Models (And Ebay)

It’s the kind of tribute we’re sure Banksy would welcome with a wry smile.

News photographer Nick Stern has recreated a series of the elusive artist’s most famous works of street art using real life models.

The flower throwing rioter, kissing policemen and Jesus with his shopping bags have all been replicated by the London-born 47-year-old, who explains: "Banksy's work is pretty unique and inspiring, known the world over.

“Much of art is a recreation or interpretation of real life, but this project works the other way round - I wanted real life to recreate art.”

A news and features photographer who admits he is indulging his ‘inner artist’ that is ‘busting to get out’, Stern says the process of bringing Banksy’s stencils to life wasn’t always easy.

“It was a lot of work as I wanted to make sure every photo was an accurate representation, but the final results were worth it.

“For weeks leading up to each of the shoots I scoured Ebay to find props such as Jesus’s ring of thorns and the police helmets and even made some of them, like the RPG, myself.

“I just hope Banksy likes what I have done.”

Nick Stern's Banksy tributes:

...And now for some of the real thing:

Banksy Street Art