04/05/2012 12:38 BST | Updated 04/05/2012 19:15 BST

Emer O'Toole Dares To Bare Hairy Armpits On ITV's This Morning

Journalist Emer O'Toole and her whiskered armpits bravely ventured into unknown territory on the groomed armchairs of ITV's This Morning.

As part of an 18-month experiment, the confident writer revealed her depilatory secret with an arm raise that left the woman seated next to her cowering in disgust.

O'Toole dares to bear

And it wasn't just her armpits that O'Toole banned the razor from. As part of doing "the necessary and important work of challenging stupid, arbitrary and gendered bull s**t" O’Toole waved goodbye to Gilette and let bristles roam untamed over her whole body.

Her blog in The Guardian on Friday discussing what it was like to spend 18 months smiling upon stubble and indeed her appearance on television to discuss this "innovative grooming" underlines her question: why are we so disgusted by body hair?

Why isn't it acceptable for women not to shave?

According to O'Toole, women are oppressing themselves in the pursuit of the silken calf and the hair free pit. Apart from the odd pointer and starer on the London Underground, the men in her life didn't actually care.

O'Toole also dismisses women quoting hygienic reasons for shaving, that hair makes you smell and should be banished for a sweet swelling aura. Apparently, one's body can cope with a smattering of fur in crooks and crannies.

O'Toole dares every woman to stop shaving, now she is known among her friends as "the hairy godmother." However she warns in her blog on The Vagenda: "Be patient with yourself. It can be a challenge."