04/05/2012 11:04 BST | Updated 04/05/2012 11:06 BST

Penguin Candidate Beats Liberal Democrats In Edinburgh

A council candidate dressed as a penguin called Professor Pongoo has received more votes than the Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh.

Professor Pongoo (real name Mike Ferrigan) was an independent candidate who had pledged to wear the penguin outfit to every council meeting if he was elected.

Prior to the election, he told STV that he wanted to bring some "lightness and humour to the affair."

It was reported in the same article that Pongoo was "a six foot penguin from planet Piper [who] stands little chance of getting elected."

As results came in, it was revealed that Professor Pongoo polled 444 votes, beating the Liberal Democrats' 370 and the Green party candidate's 322 in the bid for Pental Hills Ward for the City of Edinburgh council, reports STV.

And with support for Liberal Democrat turning distinctly frosty, Twitter users wouldn't let this humiliation go unnoticed. Pongoo's triumph marched on to Twitter in an explosion of penguin jokes.

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Even Larry the cat, a spoof account for the Number 10 feline, joined in, writing: "A penguin named Professor Pongoo got 74 more votes than the Lib Dems in Edinburgh How embarrassing; he should have beat them by at least 500"

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On Pongoo's Facebook page 'Vote for Professor Pongo' the description reads “I’m standing as a candidate because I’m confused. You see, I’m a penguin called Professor Pongoo.

"On the planet that I come from humans do things differently and us penguins, polar bears and all living things have the food we need and the humans leave us alone by respecting our rights to co-exist alongside them in harmony. "

Seemingly Professsor Pongoo was not the only arctic animal to bring embarrassment to the coalition on Friday. BBC radio 5live reported that the Conservative Mayoral Candidate for Liverpool came 7th, behind an independent candidate dressed up a polar bear. However this is unconfirmed.

Labour's Joe Anderson became Liverpool's first elected mayor.