Incredibly Cool 'Three Point Landing' Supercut Will Blow You Away (VIDEO)


Ever noticed that when acrobatic, athletic, awesome people in movies jump from one place to another, more often than not they land in a special 'three point landing' way?

One hand goes out in front of them, one leg is bent, and the other leg is stretched out to the floor - oh, and the head starts off facing down, but then gets flicked up in front of the camera?

Editor Duncan Robson has, and thanks to some help on the TV Tropes website, he's compiled this very special supercut that features examples of this martial arts cliche in film, TV and gaming.

Truly, it's a real eye-opener. In fact, it almost makes you want to do some more exercise so you can pull it off at home - once you've backflipped off a motorcycle that then crashes into a wall, of course.

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