09/05/2012 06:49 BST | Updated 10/05/2012 06:34 BST

Electric Car Charging Across The UK - Infographic


Britain's Supercharged Highway

Electric car use is growing in the UK. But where the devil do you find a car charging point, and how much is it to have one installed at home?

We've searched the UK and found that most electric car charging points are located in the North East the BBC reports. There's no London bias when it comes to electric cars, though the first charge point in the UK was installed in Westminster in 2006. The most picturesque charge point has got to be the one at the Galson Trust on the Isle of Lewis.

Not all charge points are created equal. Some can get your car juiced up in just half an hour, while slower points will take all night, according to Next Green Car.

One of the benefits of electric cars is how cheap they are to charge up, just £1.50 a pop, according to What Car? but did you know there are free charging points at some Tesco stores across the UK?

If you're going electric, expert charging advice from Energy Saving Weekly says charging at night produces less nitrogen oxide and the way you charge can extend your electric vehicle's battery life.

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