11/05/2012 10:05 BST | Updated 30/06/2013 10:33 BST

Study Reveals How UK Gets Ready For A First Date


Whether it’s listening to your favourite tunes, booking a hair appointment or having a stiff drink for a touch of dutch courage – we all have our own routine when it comes to getting ready for a first date.

However, a recent study by has revealed that pre-date rituals vary from region to region in the UK.

While the Irish are twice as likely to schedule a last-minute bikini wax before their hot date than others in the UK, people in the North West are more inclined to jump under a sunbed for a tan top-up.

Londoners on the other hand hit the gym for a pre-date body boost and Geordie men are more likely to have a spray tan than women from the same area.

But not all people looking for love make such an effort...

Daters in the Midlands get a raw deal, as 5% admit to skipping a pre-date shower.

“We’ve always believed in being proactive when looking for love, so we’re delighted to see so much effort being put into dating. Anything you can do to boost your self-confidence and settle your nerves will help you enjoy that all-important first date more,” Kate Taylor from told HuffPost Lifestyle.

“There are some interesting differences in the sexes revealed here, too: while women appear to calm their nerves with a quick phone call to a friend before heading out, men concentrate on more practical concerns like researching conversation topics, or letting off some steam at the gym.”

Find out what your region says about your pre-date routine.

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