10/05/2012 11:40 BST | Updated 10/07/2012 10:12 BST

Spotify Launches Tastebuds And Fellody, Two Dating Apps

If music matters to you more than looks, long walks on the beach and political affiliations, then you could find your perfect date on Spotify's new dating apps, Tastebuds and Fellody.

Both apps sit within Spotify and help you connect with friends, or "special" friends, that share your music taste.

Tastebuds will scan the artists you've listend to most on Spotify, and your collection of playlists, and match you with friends or potential lovers that share your listening habits.

You can filter the matches by gender, age and location, message your potential dated via real time chat, and matches in real-time and send them personalised mixtapes.

For extra stalkability you can add your Songkick details so you can share the gigs you'll be at. Could also be used for harmless music-based dates.


Fellody is a similar app that allows you to drag and drop Spotify playlists into the app and have friends or lovers rate it.

You can send a 'flirt' message to those who you perhaps rate your playlists highly, and browse matches' playlists to discover new music. has been making matches via music for a number of years, before it came to Spotify.

Alex Parish, co-founder of said: "Spotify and both believe that music is the most effective way of connecting people. In fact we've found that 43% of first messages get a reply on Tastebuds - a much higher response rate than non-music based dating sites."

Fellody first launched in Germany, and is now rolling out in the UK.

Robin Simon, co-founder of said: "Since we launched, our international user base is growing very fast - music lovers from more than 70 different countries talk, discuss and flirt on Fellody already."

Will you give it a go?