Man Fights Canada Goose Over Dropped Bag... With Lightsabers (VIDEO)

Back in late March, a video went viral that showed a man doing battle with a goose over a co-worker's dropped bag.

His improvised high kicks and fancy kung fu stylings won him many admirers, and proved to the world just how hard it is to battle waterfowl when they're in a bad mood.

But now, over a month and a half since its first online debut, 'Man Vs. Canada Goose' is enjoying a second wind thanks to the Adobe After Effects skills of YouTuber MMMRCHPCTB, bringing us 'Man Fights Goose, With Lightsaber', which we've got for you above.

And after that, here are some cuter videos of geese - with an emphasis on the baby variety - which may not have any Star Wars-related influences, but are incredibly adorable. Enjoy!