Entire Nation Goes Off 'Dark Side Of The Moon' After PM Says He Loves It

David Cameron Ruins 'Dark Side Of The Moon' For Entire Nation

Middle-aged music lovers across Britain have immediately gone off Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon after Prime Minister David Cameron named it as his favourite album of all time.

"It's not fair - it was my favourite album of all time," complained Derek Chivers, 54, of Bromley, Kent. "Now I hate it."

"This is worse than when Tony Blair chose Bruce Springsteen for Desert Island Discs," added Jennifer Beaumont, 43, from Rotherham. "It's like I don't know anything any more. I am honestly questioning my taste in music... life... everything."

Hundreds of Pink Floyd fans have since been seen wandering the streets, clutching the album in their hands. It is believed that many may be heading to charity shops.


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