Theo Walcott's Family Will Not Go To Euro 2012 Over Racist Fears

Theo's Family Reveal Euro 2012 Fears

Theo Walcott's family have revealed they will not travel to the Ukraine for fear of racist abuse.

"Something's aren't worth risking, but begs the question why hold a competition of this magnitude in a place that can not police itself for foreigners of any creed to feel safe, but I'll be watching every minute," Walcott added.

The Arsenal forward was named in new manager Roy Hodgson's squad on Wednesday.

Speaking on Wednesday after the unveiling of his squad, Hodgson said he was aware of the issues with racism and violence in the country.

"The issue of racism, especially the Sky report into the hooliganism and violence in Ukraine, is an obvious concern," he said. "Not least the supporters who go over there and risk maybe getting beaten up."

Ashley Walcott concluded by tweeting that: "Racism has no place in the modern world."

You can see all of Ashley Walcott's tweets on racism below...


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