Facebook IPO: The Best Twitter Reaction To The Website's $100bn Flotation

Facebook IPO: The Best Twitter Reaction

Social networking website Facebook is set to increase its worth dramatically on Friday as it goes floats on the stock market, offering millions of shares for sale.

The company, valued at around $104bn, will put up one of the largest stock flotations in history, offering Initial Public Offerings (IPO) worth almost as much as some countries' economies.

Rival social networking site Twitter has been alight with conversation and speculation on the price of Facebook shares, set at $38 each, how much Facebook's value will rise, and whether this signals the peak of the website bubble.

Mostly, though, there were some great jokes about Mark Zuckerberg ruling the world, Facebook's dodgy privacy settings and the website's tendency to absorb lives.

Check out the slideshow below for some of the best...


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