Oxford University's Library Lads Put The 'Test' In Testosterone

Library Lads On Tour: Oxford Students Put The 'Test' In Testosterone

Opportunities to be a true 'lad' are thin on the ground during exam season, with revision and textbooks an albatross to the rough and tumble of the laddish lifestyle.

But boys at Worcester College, Oxford have found a way to hit the books but still pay homage to the 'lad spirit' with a tour of the university's many libraries.

It's a far cry from a boozy trip around the Greek islands, but in matching red polo shirts, a group of 25 students are swotting up in team of testosterone-fuelled determination.

Each day of study means a different library, from the distinctive domed Bodleian to the more modern Social Sciences Library. Alex Hunt, the Library Tour President, told the OxfordStudent.com :“Last year, we all spent a lot of time in the library. We’re also all bloody lads, so we decided to combine the two.”

The lads all take breakfast together before marching to whichever library is to be 'toured' on that day. Their red shirts have the schedule printed on the back (in case late-night revision sessions take their toll on the lads' memory) along with their tour nickname.

One Library lad, Anand Patel told the Cherwell his nickname was 'No Fun 2012' after Hunt's nickname 'No Fun Trinity' last year.

And there's no reason why girls shouldn't get involved either, with the liberal lads telling Cherwell there have been several women on their library junket this week.

"We consider ‘Lad’ to be a state of mind, or a ‘way of life’ " he told the student newspaper.


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