21/05/2012 05:58 BST | Updated 20/07/2012 06:12 BST

Dating Website For Sugar Daddies Seeking 'Babies' Hits UK, Claims MP As Member

A dating website to help so-called "sugar daddies" to find "babies" to pamper - in return for the benefits of a young, easily placated lover - has launched in the UK., says it aims to match wealthy men with younger, attractive partners on the understanding they will shower them with gifts and presents in return for 'attention'.

The marketing materials for the service claim its members have an average income of £170,000 and are roughly 13 years older than their partners.

Most of its younger members are university students or young people in debt looking for "luxuries and comforts", the site says.

"An Arrangement is short for "Mutually Beneficial Relationship" between two people," the site says. "At Seeking Arrangement, we believe that successful relationships are all "Mutually Beneficial Relationships" in that they are two way street, ie two people giving as much as they take from each other."

"Let’s face it… It’s human nature for successful people to want younger and more attractive partners. It’s also natural for younger men & women to seek out more experienced, sophisticated, wealthy and generous partners, specifically those who have the means of providing them with comforts and luxuries."

The site, which launched on Sunday in the UK, claims to have more than 10m members in the United States and 80,000 in Britain.

According to the site's founder, the UK members include bankers, chief executives and at least one MP.


“We live in a society that’s very materialistic, and unfortunately, money plays a big role in how we express our love and care for someone,” said the site's founder Brandon Wade in an interview with The Daily Beast.

Wade has also launched several other sites, including which Gawker said was little more than a "prosti-travel website" for women that are, in all-but-name, hookers.

Unsurprisingly Wade rejects that view.

“Some married men need to stay with a family because of their kids, but they’re in a loveless relationship,” he told the Daily Beast. “And, as a guy, you need to get your outlet somewhere else.

"You have your sexual needs and wants, and the website provides a service to keep the family together."

But some were more critical. Founder of netmums Siobhan Freegard told the Independent that she feared the "power balance" between the site's sugar daddies and its younger members would be "skewed from the start".