25/05/2012 11:54 BST | Updated 25/05/2012 12:00 BST

Five Great Things To Do With Your Raspberry Pi - VIDEO

The first batch of ultra-cheap DIY Raspberry Pi computers have landed. But what are you going to do with yours?

The burgenoning Raspberry Pi community has some answers for you. The Raspberry Pi forums are throwing up more and more "libraries" of projects to run on your Raspberry Pi. Each library contains a set of downloadable instructions that can run immediately on your Raspberry Pi. Community members can then add their personal tweaks or improve the code then re-upload it to the forums to share the new version.

Five great things you can do now with Raspberry Pi:

Download and build on a delightfully retro game of snake.

Get yourself some peripherals to make the beast work

Print yourself a case for your new computer

Learn the Python programming language

Build a robot

Raspberry Pi distributors Element 14 came in to The Huffington Post office to tell us what we can do with ours.

Watch our video tutorial below.