21/05/2012 05:53 BST

Slinky On A Treadmill: Could This Be The Most Epic YouTube Clip Ever? (VIDEO)

In the title of this article, we asked you whether this video could be the most epic YouTube clip of all time. Now that you've watched it, chances are you're saying, "No, no it couldn't" - but it's definitely up there in the top 10.

This astonishing tale of toy vs. treadmill sees our beloved hero squaring off against his arch-nemesis, the running machine. Running - ahem - out of time, and with no end in sight, will he lose his spring before the day is over?

Only time, and a very well chosen piece of music, will tell. Personally, we're seeing Daniel Craig playing Mr. Slinky in the inevitable film version. "The name's Slinky... Mr. Slinky," that sort of thing.

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