World Goth Day 2012: Are You Ready?

Are You Ready For World Goth Day?

Every 22 May, Goths across the world celebrate their subculture with a day of parties, concerts and events.

According to an unofficial website for the festivities, World Goth Day came about after a BBC6 Music weekend celebrating different genres of music, with 22 May happening to be the day BBC6 focused on the Goth movement.

Since 2009, World Goth Day has expanded from a British venture to a worldwide celebration of all things Goth.

"So far we have Mother's Day, Fathers' Day, Christmas, all manner of religious holidays, some of you may even have special annual celebrations for your pets," the website says.

"It's only fair that Goths get to have a day of their own too."

Club nights across the UK and USA are set to take part in Goth night. Events in Cape Town, California, Maine will draw in hundreds of leather-clad, makeup-laden party-goers, while in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, there will be a fundraiser for the Sophie Lancaster Trust.

Sophie was a Goth who was bullied and eventually killed over her image in 2007. A number of subcultures rallied around Sophie's death, and a charitable trust was created in her name, run by her mother, Sylvia.

Elsewhere, there will be a World Goth Day Awards, where you can vote on the Best 80s Goth Band (Siouxsie and the Banshees, obviously), Gothic Single of the Year, Best Magazine and more.

If this hasn't gotten you in the mood to crudely dye your hair, fill your face with metal and wear impractically clunky shoes, then click through our slideshow of some of the best Goths the internet has to offer...


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