Hot Weather Makes Brits Drink More Alcohol, Claims Study

While the country basks in the sunshine, people don't just overdose on ice cream, but knock back more alcohol too.

According to a recent study by Opinium, when the weather heats up, Brits gain a thirst for alcohol and guzzle around 33m more pints of beer and over 67m more litres of wine over the summer months.

Just over half of Brits of the population admit to drinking alcohol once a week. But when the sun comes out, 27% of people admit to drinking almost every day of the week.

But Brits reportedly don't drink 'to get drunk'.

Only 6% say they reach for a beer with that intention, with the majority revealing they enjoy a drink in the sunshine to compliment their food (26%), a further 21% admitting it ‘helps relieve stress’ and 36% saying they ‘just like the taste’.

The top five reasons why people claim to drink more in the warmer months are:

  1. The evenings are lighter (54%)
  2. Wanting to make the most of the weather (46%)
  3. There are more events in the summer, such as weddings and festivals (47%)
  4. To enjoy drinking in the warmer weather (46%)
  5. Getting together with friends or family are more likely to be suggested in the warmer weather (43%)

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