Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Priscilla Chan On Honeymoon In Italy (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Honeymoon Snaps

Where does a billionaire CEO and his new wife go on their honeymoon?

The answer may disappoint you. No, it's not a secret island, the International Space Station or the centre of the Earth... It's Italy.

Newly-minted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife (and college girlfriend) Priscilla Chan have been photographed enjoying a honeymoon in Italy, just days after his company floated on the Nasdaq stock exchange - to heavy criticism from some.

Zuckerberg and Chan visited Rome, where they were pictured touring the Sistine Chapel guided by a priest and private art critic.

They were also seen at the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum - though according to the Daily Mail, Zuckeberg was criticised for only spending 32 euro on lunch. The receipt proving the meagre meal enjoyed by the pair was later posted on Italian news sites.

According to Fox News, the couple also enjoyed a takeaway McDonald's.

More blurry shots from surreptitious photographers, tourists and gawkers were taken across the city.

Later Zuckerberg and Chan moved south, and were pictured in the coastal town of Amalfi. Take a look at the photos, below.

Zuckerberg's Honeymoon

Mark Zuckerberg's Honeymoon


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