'Diet Brain' Affects One in Three Women, Survey Suggests (PICTURES)

'Diet Brain' Affects One in Three Women

Research suggests half of women trying to lose weight could be suffering from ‘diet brain’.

Attempts to drop a dress-size can lead to mood swings, and can negatively affect a person's close relationships and performance at work, according to a new survey by the New Atkins Diet.

And research suggests such incidences of 'diet brain' may be affecting half of women looking to lose weight.

In addition, the weight-loss company found that half of the 2,000 women surveyed said the mental strain of going on a diet was a real barrier to reaching their desired weight goal.

Nutritionist Linda O’Byrne said in a statement: “If you find yourself suffering from ‘diet brain’ then the reality is that you are not slimming down correctly and you need to take action to alter the situation.

“It is very worrying to discover that dieting has affected large numbers of women’s relationships and even their jobs, this is not how it should be.”

Are You Suffering From 'Diet Brain'?

Hidden Truths Of ‘Diet Brain’

  • Four out of ten women believe their marriage or relationship has suffered negatively because of ‘Diet Brain’
  • A quarter of women insist their performance at work has been affected by the condition, with this number rising to four out of ten of under-25s
  • One in three admit ‘Diet Brain’ left them feeling obsessed with losing weight and what they can and cannot eat
  • More than half (55%) said they ended up feeling depressed because they were desperate to be slimmer - this figure rose to two thirds of women over 55
  • Brighton is the ‘Diet Brain’ capital of the UK, where six out of ten women insist they have suffered with the condition while they tried to lose weight