Prototype iPad With Two Dock Connectors Sells On eBay For $10,200 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Prototype iPad Sells On eBay For $10k

An apparent prototype for Apple's iPad has been sold on eBay for $10,200.

The device differs from the version of the iPad eventually released in having two dock connectors and what appears to be a far more basic operating system.

The appearance of the gadget confirms rumours that Apple once planned to include two dock connectors on the device until quite soon before its launch.

The seller said the "tester unit" had 16gb of memory, and a malfunctioning touch screen.

But that didn't deter the bidders, one of whom pledged $10,200 for the rights to the curiosity.

It is also running a software testing suite named "switchboard", which appears to host only a very few number of applications including one named "skankphone".

"This is a one of a kind item," said the seller. "None like this have been listed on ebay before. It comes with no warranty."

It is not known who sold the iPad, or how they got their hands on it.

Take a look in closer detail in the slideshow below.

iPad Prototype Sells On Ebay

Prototype iPad Sells On eBay


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