Boris Johnson Admits Chances Of Becoming Prime Minister 'Vanishing' (VIDEO)

'My Chances Of Becoming PM Are Vanishing'

Boris Johnson has admitted that his chances of becoming prime minister are "vanishing" and voiced regret at telling voters he would only serve two terms as London Mayor, but revealed he may have his sights set a bit higher.

Appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman in the United States on Wednesday night, Boris was asked about his future ambitions in politics.

"This will be my second term, and I've said, a fact I now regret, I won't run any more, that's it," he said.

Asked whether he had his sights set on 10 Downing Street he replied: "I think that that is vanishing, I've about as much chance as being reincarnated as an olive."

"But you could if you wanted to?" insisted Letterman.

"Well I suppose I could, as you've already pointed out, I could be president of the United States technically speaking, but there are limits to the credulity of our audience," the American born Mayor joked.

Boris was asked what was stopping him from bypassing Downing Street and going straight to the White House. "Do you think your hair is holding you back?"

"Do you know, until you mentioned it tonight I had never regarded it as a draw back," Boris told the TV host.

Boris is frequently spoken of as a possible successor to David Cameron should he decide to return to Westminster once he steps down as Mayor of London.

Although if Boris were ever to make a long-shot bid for the US presidency he may have trouble securing the votes of New Yorkers after he was asked whether London would copy Mayor Mike Bloomberg's decision to ban big soft drinks for health reasons.

"As a city we are not quite as fat," Boris said. "Not yet."

"Why can't you have a rule you have to put more ice in it?"

Boris revealed he was a huge fan of Bloomberg, but that the New York mayor had not always been so grateful for his support when offered.

"I hesitate to endorse him, last time he was standing for election I came here and he was in tough fight, I asked him whether it would be at all useful for me to endorse him, he thought about this for a while, and he said that on the whole he would much prefer if I resoundingly endorsed his opponent."


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