08/06/2012 15:18 BST

Man Secretly Films Woman Pumping Breast Milk In Her Office

A female worker at DeSales University, Pennsylvania in America was spied upon while privately expressing milk to feed her baby, writes NY Daily News.

The woman was topless and pumping breast milk in her office when she heard a noise and glanced up. There was a small hole in a ceiling tile and it looked like it was concealing a camera lens, says the report.

john bednarik

John Bednarik II was spotted by the woman - after she threw on a shirt and left her office - coming out of a neighbouring room. He has since been charged with invasion of privacy and fired from his position as the school’s director of campus environment.

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According to the Huffington Post, the 33-year old "admitted" to police "that he had created the small hole in the tile in [his colleague's office] to allow viewing and recording of her while partially nude, for the purpose of his own sexual arousal and gratification."

Upper Saucon Valley police later found video of the woman pumping on the camera.

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