11/06/2012 12:09 BST

Diamond Jubilee: Queen Receives 130,000 Letters Of Congratulations

The Queen has received more than 130,000 letters and messages of goodwill in her Diamond Jubilee year so far, Buckingham Palace revealed on Monday.

Following the celebrations, 45 sacks of mail were delivered to the Palace, with the royal residence's correspondence office expecting more messages in the coming days.

So far Her Majesty has received more than 60,000 Jubilee letters in 2012, more than double the 26,000 letters received during the same five-month period in 2011.

As might be expected in this technological age, support has not just come in the post and the Queen has been sent more than 71,000 electronic messages of congratulations through the official Diamond Jubilee website.

During the Jubilee festivities, the British Monarchy and Diamond Jubilee websites attracted a total of 2,031,057 unique visitors and 7,611,699 page views.

Over the four-day June bank holiday weekend, the total views on the Monarchy Flickr account were 1,415,972, while the Royal Channel on YouTube was viewed on 475,604 occasions.

The Monarchy Facebook page had 1,846,920 unique views, while the Royal Twitter account gained more than 5,000 followers during the Jubilee weekend and now has 346,858.

Take a look at pictures from Tuesday's Diamond Jubilee celebrations below:

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations