20/06/2012 14:06 BST | Updated 20/08/2012 10:12 BST

Facebook Infographic 'Explains' Where Your Angry Reports Go (PHOTOS)


Facebook cares - and it wants you to know that it cares.

For all those users who submit user complaints and reports on the site, only to angrily write on their walls that nothing has been done, Facebook has made a new attempt to say where all those reports go.

Unfortunately the resultant flow-chart is so complex that we fear many users might give up all together.

And sadly for the site, the page explaining its reports process has itself fallen victim to spam, angry reports of complaints being lost and, well, every other kind of furious comment that usually ends up below articles online.

But then again if you're looking for somewhere to complain at least you know now where to go...

Facebook says:

There are dedicated teams throughout Facebook working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle the reports made to Facebook. Hundreds of Facebook employees are in offices throughout the world to ensure that a team of Facebookers are handling reports at all times.

For instance, when the User Operations team in Menlo Park is finishing up for the day, their counterparts in Hyderabad are just beginning their work keeping our site and users safe. And don't forget, with users all over the world, Facebook handles reports in over 24 languages. Structuring the teams in this manner allows us to maintain constant coverage of our support queues for all our users, no matter where they are.