20/06/2012 13:36 BST | Updated 20/06/2012 13:40 BST

Hull Primary School Bans Football During Euro 2012 To 'Stop Children Fighting'

A primary school has banned football during the duration of the Euro 2012 and encouraged pupils to play chess instead to stop fights breaking out.

The deputy headteacher of Hall Road Primary school in Hull said the ban was necessary to prevent injuries as "passions are running high".

Kristina Frary told the Hull Daily Mail football was causing children to fall out and "overzealous tackles" were leading to injuries.

"Children are really into their games and, just like the professionals, they will sometimes misinterpret tackles and perhaps reply in a way that would get them the red card if it happened during a real game.

"It was causing problems. Come the end of break-time, children were still upset and it was spilling into their lessons.

"Teachers ended up spending valuable lesson time sorting out problems."

The school said it had not received any complaints from parents.

But the school is not alone in banning traditional break-time activities for health and safety reasons.

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