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The twice-weekly tests will also be offered to adults working with schools, such as bus drivers and after school club leaders.
As the government closes schools, students are once again sailing into unknown territory, writes Equality Act Review founder Dr Suriyah Bi.
Parents were told primary schools were safe, so they sent their children back – for just one day.
The call comes after Gavin Williamson was forced to make yet another u-turn on Friday, with all primary schools in London to remain closed after Christmas.
The government had threatened councils with legal action for attempts to shut schools early before Christmas.
Confusion over the London borough of Redbridge, which has the seventh highest case rate in England, branded an "utter shambles".
Report says universities "perpetuate institutional racism" and calls on governing bodies to make meaningful change.
Support bubbles, takeaway beers and public loos staying open might soften the blow.
Freshers fed up with being “locked up” in halls believe they were fed lies to boost the economy.
It will be rebranded as 40 George Square from the start of the new academic year.