25/06/2012 10:43 BST | Updated 25/06/2012 17:37 BST

Egyptians Celebrate After Muslim Brotherhood Win Penalty Shootout

Thousands of Egyptians flooded Tahrir Square on Sunday night after the country's presidential election went to penalties.

A nail-biting climax saw the Muslim Brotherhood clinch victory from under the nose of ex-prime minister Ahmed Shafiq - a stunning feat, especially as Shafiq had put tanks in goal.

Shafiq's defence was no match for Mohammed Morsi, however, who was later declared Man Of The Match.

Morsi has now vowed to build a team "made up of all talents" - adding that the only aspect he feels the Brotherhood lacks is a clinical eye for finishing.

Meanwhile, Shafiq admitted that he was "مريض كما ببغاء", but said that he is now concentrating his efforts on the tennis tournament taking place in the country's captial during the last two weeks of June.