Seeing Double: Beautiful Photographs Play With Exposure

Seeing Double: Beautiful Photographs Play With Exposure

Photography captures a moment, but what if you could capture more than that?

Photographer Christoffer Relander does just that with his amazing digital double exposure shots.

These photographs mimic the traditional trick employed by film photography, of winding back a film to imprint a new shot on top of one already taken.

Relander's images blend portraiture with the natural world

Relander, who is "inspired" by analogue photography, uses a similar technique on his digital Nikon D700 camera, taking multiple-exposed shots before editing them in iLightroom. He says, "No photoshop has been needed."

This might explain, then, the timeless quality of these portraits, which combine nature with the everyday with ethereal effect.

Photography wasn't the first artform Relander became passionate about. He tells HuffPost UK Culture: "I've always liked art."

"I started drawing when I was 11 years old, since then I've been doing at least something art-related. As an 18-year-old, I decided to take painting and drawing seriously, even though I was studying graphic design."

It was during his time in the Finnish marines that Relander became accustomed with the art of light and lenses. "I got a few photography assignments, because I was the closest they could get to a photographer. Photography became part of the last six months of my service, and opened my eyes to it."

Can you see what it is yet?

"After the Navy in late 2009 I bought my first SLR. I discovered that photography reminded me of painting, drawing and graphic design."

We doubt the Navy ever imagined what affect they'd have on Relander's future career, nor the incredible images he would produce - but we're certainly grateful!

Check out the gallery below for more incredible double exposure images.


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