StumbleUpon 'Discovery Engine' Launches In UK After 11 Years

It's taken just over 10 years, but the content discovery service StumbleUpon has launched in the UK.

For the uninitiated, StumbleUpon is basically a way to find things you didn't know you needed to see, but really should. Assuming you have spare time, aren't at work, and like big pictures of sunsets and robots.

Like a randomiser button for the internet, you select your interests and hit Stumble, and then... you go somewhere.

Exactly where is up the site. But over time it learns from what you vote up and down, and draws from its pool of 20 million users and their recommendations, as well as publishers paying for promotion, to find you new, cool stuff.

Technically it's been possible for users in the UK to use StumbleUpon since launch, and according to the online traffic meter Comscore it currently boasts around 440k UK visitors to its website each month, with more coming via mobile Apps.,

But now it's working with UK partners including the BBC and the Daily Mail to highlight UK specific content, and localise its mobile apps, promos and sales.

"We believe StumbleUpon will be a go-to spot on the internet and mobile to find new stuff," said Marc Leibowitz, vice president of worldwide business development at StumbleUpon, to Marketing Week.

"We want everyone to be using it [and] we believe many people will join StumbleUpon [in the UK] although it's tough to say exactly how many."

In recognition of the launch, the site sent us this list of the most popular pages 'StumbledUpon' by UK users.

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