George Bush And Bill Clinton Get The Bad Lip Reading Treatment (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bush And Clinton Say The Strangest Things...

The Bad Lip Reading team have been poking fun at folk for a good long while now, be it politicians or pop stars, but it's an exceptional bit of mickey-taking to see not one but two former Presidents Of The United States skewered so soundly.

And when we use the word 'soundly', we mean it - after all, these are the guys who spend their days watching clips and working out how to change what the video's stars are saying.

That's how you're going to end up seeing George W. Bush say "I tooted" and Bill Clinton noting that "You're fired - and the knives will be safe."

It's all in a day's work for the Bad Lip Reading boys - and to celebrate their genius, here's some of our favourite BLR videos for you below.


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