George Bush

"This is not just a political gaffe. This is a George Bush political gaffe."
'There was no Twitter then. But I will try to re-live history.'
Last year Fleischer marked the 15th anniversary last year be releasing the hand-written notes taken on the day.   There are
There has been a huge rise in prejudice and fear during the recent US presidential election. Just as after Pearl Harbor all Japanese were seen as the enemy, since 9/11 all Muslims have been viewed as enemies because of the actions of Islamic extremists. This is despite the fact that the number of deaths caused in America by gun crime is significantly greater than the number caused by jihadi terrorism.
'We’re not going to have a little slap on the wrist crap.'
Fleischer adopted the role of presidential note taker as Air Force One lifted off from Florida after the twin towers in New
She is every bit as canny, strong, and cunning as her predeccessor, and the other beige politicos who have gone before her into and out of Downing Street, probably more so in fact. She is every bit as embroiled in the Westminster game as the men, and we cannot forget that as she takes charge of the country.
According to his sister Rachel Johnson and her article in the Daily Mail, Boris Johnson decided about his stand on Brexit
Eight months before invasion: 'I will be with you, whatever'
Tony Blair promised George W Bush that "I will be with you, whatever" on the invasion of Iraq, new evidence published by