Extreme Diets: More Than One In Ten Brides Lose Four Stone For Their Wedding Day (PICTURES)

Extreme Diets: The Rise Of The Shrinking Bride-To-Be

Over five million British women lose weight in time for their wedding day – but one in 10 go to extreme measures and shed a whopping four stone or more in a bid to look picture perfect.

According to a poll of 2,000 women by XLS-Medical Fat Binder, 25% of brides-to-be lose at least a stone in weight before their big day, while 6% lose seven stone or more, a further 2% drop five stone and 3% shed four stone.

This news follows shocking reports of drastic (and potentially dangerous) diet trends emerging for soon-to-be brides looking to slim down – like the ‘nose drip’ diet.

However, despite their efforts, 57% of women regain the weight they lost prior to their wedding, either during the honeymoon or just after their nuptials.

This yo-yo dieting mantra could lead to problems in future weight management, Dr Matt Capehorn from the National Obesity Forum, said in a statement.

“Drastic and rapid weight loss for a particular event or occasion, such as a wedding, is not advisable for a number of reasons. You should be aiming for steady weight loss, as a result of sensible dietary and lifestyle change, that promotes sustainable weight loss and health benefits.

“Any variation from this should only be on the advice of a clinician. Rapid weight loss, especially if done without support, is likely to result in weight regain. Undertaking a healthy eating and exercise plan with a realistic goal in mind will ensure dieters are not only looking good but feeling great for their wedding day and beyond.”

“It’s not surprising that for many brides to be, losing weight will be an important part of their wedding day preparation,” said dietitian Helen Bond in a statement.

“However, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight should be considered a lifelong challenge rather than a short-term fix. You don't need to make big changes, just a few small steps can make a real difference, such as meal planning, ensuring you’re hydrated and removing temptation — out of sight really can be out of mind.”

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