UK Weather: Labour Demands Government Funds Floods Clean-Up

Labour Calls For Clean-Up Funds For Flood Hit Communities

The government has been urged to ensure flood-hit communities receive funding to help with clean-up costs.

Labour demanded ministers confirm that councils will get financial assistance to help them cope with the consequences of flash flooding that hit parts of the Midlands and northern England after heavy storms.

Flooding in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, as heavy rain and thunderstorms battered parts of central and northern England

When swathes of the country were hit by flooding in June and July 2007, and when Cumbria suffered floods in 2009, the government provided support to local authorities facing extra costs to clear up after the disasters.

Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh called for ministers to say if they would activate the support scheme, which provides up to 85% of clean-up costs from central government if councils have to spend more than a certain proportion of their budget on dealing with a disaster.

She said: "People in the North East and other areas will be counting the cost after these horrendous floods."

She paid tribute to the emergency services and local communities who worked through the night to help people deal with disruption, and said her with thoughts were with the family and friends of the man who died in floods in Shropshire.

"Ministers now have to ask questions to answer what assistance councils and people will get to help them rebuild their homes and businesses.

"In Parliament on Monday I asked ministers if they would help councils with the clean-up costs, as the Labour government did in the 2007 and 2009 floods.

"The prime minister was asked again yesterday and said he would ask the local government secretary.

"That looks dangerously complacent - they've had a week to think about this. It's time to get a grip and sort it out so people are not left financially stricken."


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